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San Antonio, June 8th

*This event is free of charge, including complimentary food and beverage.
*Seating is limited.

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The average cost for U.S.-based unskilled labor is now $18.68/hr, while Mexico-based unskilled and skilled labor cost $5.25/hr and $7.30/hr in Mexico, respectively. At the same time, those shipping manufactured goods from China are paying roughly twice what their nearshoring competitors can ship to the U.S. in half the time.

With rising shipping costs & times, U.S. labor shortages, trade wars, tariffs, the push toward greener practices, and raw material crises, it's time to nearshore manufacturing to Mexico.

That's why we're hosting this event. We've invited experienced and expert leaders from the U.S. and Mexico to discuss manufacturing trends, benefits, challenges, and practical steps companies can take now to bring manufacturing closer to home. Join manufacturing leadership like yourself, as together, we learn how nearshoring in Mexico works- and if our cost-saving solutions might be right for your manufacturing needs. If nearshoring is new to you, don’t miss out on the opportunity to learn about this supply chain option.

Look Forward to These Event Highlights

  • Explore top manufacturing and nearshoring trends.
  • Find out how to solve all your manufacturing problems by building your nearshoring strategy.
  • See everything you need to know about manufacturing in Mexico.
  • Gain insights to evaluate whether nearshoring is a smart move for your company.
  • Learn how The Nearshore Company solves your manufacturing challenges.
  • Ask questions about your current supply chain and how nearshoring could further your business goals.
  • Network with manufacturing industry leaders from Mexico and The United States.

Who should
attend this event

Anyone interested in solving manufacturing problems through nearshoring across industries, such as:

  • CEO
  • VP/Head of Manufacturing
  • President, Owner
  • CFO
  • COO
  • Head of Supply Chain or Sourcing
  • Board of Directors
  • Consultants
  • Consulates
  • Site Selectors
  • Economic Development Organizations

Register Now

An evening of learning and networking with complimentary food and cocktails at the Hotel Emma*

San Antonio, texas

June 8th, 2023

4 pm to 6:30 pm

*Seating is limited.

How to Successfully
Manufacture in Mexico


3:00 PM Registration and Sign-In

3:00 PM

4:00 PM Welcome Speech with Rubén Minutti Zanatta

4:00 PM

Bilateral Relationship Texas-Mexico with Rubén Minutti Zanatta

Nearshoring: The Legal Framework Regulating Foreign Investment in Mexico with Ernesto Velarde Danache

The Mexican Moment, the North American Era with Grace Lingow

Nearshoring Trends that are Shaping the Market with Jorge Gonzalez Henrichsen

How to Start Manufacturing in Mexico
with Arnold Lopez
  • Steps to Nearshore Your Manufacturing
  • Costs & Savings of Nearshoring
  • Understanding the Supply Chain
  • The Nearshore Company Way

Q & A

5:45 PM Networking & Cocktail Reception

5:45 PM

Manufacturing Success in Mexico

Featured Speakers

Industry experts share trends, benefits, challenges, and steps to nearshore in Mexico

Rubén Minutti Zanatta

General Consul of Mexico
in San Antonio, Texas

Consul General of Mexico in San Antonio, Texas since January 2020, Ruben Minutti Zanatta has been in public service to Mexico for 20 years. Dr. Minutti Zanatta is a frequent speaker on matters related to constitutional and administrative law as well as access to justice and transparency. He is the author of more than 20 academic papers, published in 5 countries in various languages.

Ernesto Velarde-Danache

Mexican Notary Public
and Attorney

A Mexican lawyer since 1982, his firm has assisted more than 400 companies to get started in Mexico. Ernesto has spoken about Mexican and International Laws and Doing Business in Mexico in more than 20 countries; he has also been Co-chair of the Mexico Committee of the ABA, and has recently been appointed as Senior Advisor for the Latin America and Caribbean Committee.

Grace Lingow

General Director of American
Chamber of Commerce Mexico, Monterrey Chapter

Grace Lingow is the General Director of the Monterrey Chapter of the American Chamber of Commerce Mexico since January 2021. She has served as an advisor in the management and creation of clusters in Mexico and Colombia. For more than 15 years she has helped the coordination of committees and communication in the Cluster of Home Appliances and CAINTRA in the Department of ​​Linkage and business development.

Jorge Gonzalez Henrichsen

CEO of The Nearshore Company

He is CEO of The Nearshore Company where he helps North American, European, and Asian manufacturing companies to successfully establish reliable manufacturing operations in Mexico. Jorge also has become a leading voice on Nearshoring and globalization, contributing insights as an expert source and author to such publications as Forbes, the BBC, Sourcing Journal, Supply & Demand Chain Executive, and FreightWaves.

Arnold Lopez

Executive Vice-President of Business Development for The Nearshore Company

Arnold is a Senior Operations Professional with more than 20 years of progressive management experience in the consumer goods manufacturing and food products industries. He has a successful track record of managing international manufacturing, worldwide sourcing and procurement, and quality control. He obtained a law degree specializing in International Business and BBA in Business Management.

The venue

Hotel Emma

  • A Historic riverfront hotel that was
    originally Pearl's Brewhouse.
  • 136 E Grayson St, San Antonio, TX 78215



Our Partners

Consulate of Mexico
in San Antonio

Ernesto Velarde Firm

American Chamber of Commerce Mexico, Monterrey Chapter

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*Seating is limited.